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Smart Home Pre-Wire Service

Low Voltage Prewire for Smart Homes

What Is A Smart Home Pre-Wire?

A smart home pre-wire is what happens when we run all wires for low voltage, security, and smart home technology while the home is being built and before the drywall phase is completed, This method is a contrast to retrofitting a smart home system after the build has been completed.

While planning on building or fully remodeling a home in Temecula, CA. It’s important to add low voltage wiring for security, audio-video, network/wifi, and smart home automation.

From Google Home to Alexa, we can integrate all of your smart devices to make it easier to manage.

Network And Wi-Fi Pre-Wiring

Your network can be set up wirelessly using a Mesh, but you will always find a stronger more stable result through a wired system.

  • You won’t have a wireless limit on how much information can be transmitted.
  • Hardwired network design multiplies the level of bandwidth capability.

If reliable device connectivity is a priority in your new home, pre-wiring for data is the only way to make this happen.