Free Server Maintenance and Check-Up – for Lake Elsinore, Ca small business owners.

Run a small business? Maxxtech Services is offering free server maintenance and check-up. Being in the SMB business sector for the past 10 years, I’ve seen hundreds of servers that run local small businesses barely hanging on to life.

Many small business owners make the initial investment into purchasing a small business server to improve production in a small office. A company server needs monthly maintenance and check-ups in order to provide reliable service. Whether you use your server for file-sharing or if it’s sharing a Quickbooks database, you have to make sure you check in your hard drive health, as a failure could be thousands of money down the drain, with employee downtime and productivity stoppage.

While hardware is important to check, the health of the operating system must be checked as well. Window and Linux are great OS systems, but they are not perfect. We recommend checking server syslogs to make check of potential errors in the operating system.

Maxxtech is offering to check the health of your server for free for a limited time. We have multiple business references that can confirm the services we provide. At the end of your server maintenance and checkup, you will receive a written report that shows you what is right and wrong with your server, much like the JiffyLube report, but without the ripoff 🙂

Give us a call, let us win your business. You can call, text or email.

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