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Cable & CAT6 Termination and Patch Panel Installation in Riverside,CA

Patch Panel Termination services

Terminating a cable is a very important activity while laying down structured cabling for networking in Riverside, CA. Terminating is the process that involves terminating Cat5e or Cat6 network cables with the help of RJ 45 connectors. For this one would require crimping tools Cutting tool and a UTP cable stripping tool. Of course, Don’t forget that these cables need to be labeled for future reference.

We help customers also have the need to terminate their already wired building.

Patch panels are hardware units that are mounted to contain port locations for a communication system. It functions as a static switchboard for a network. Jumper cables known as patch cord are used to lay down each connection. The patch panels are a common thing in an Ethernet network and are mounted in a rack. Some patch panels that are commonly used are

Blank Patch Panels
Cat 6 Patch Panels
Feed Through Patch Panels
CAT5E Patch Panels