Low Voltage Contractor

Avoid Low Voltage Pre-Wiring Mistakes

Are you building your dream home, or perhaps a retro fitting it to catch up to a modern day smart home. The steps below will help you prevent mistakes done while running cable at your new residence or place of business.

Mistake Number #1: Do Not use CAT5E cable for your new construction project. Why do you ask? Well, the price difference between CAT5E cable and CAT6 is well worth the extra couple of dollars. CAT5E cable is mainly used for one gig network. This was fine and dandy for home networks back in the ’90s. Modern-day home networks carry twice if not triple the amount of network traffic. Take into consideration how many devices need access to the internet. Let’s start with your TV’s, every smart TV comes with a physical network card, which we highly recommend using. Next, come the wireless devices, this can be laptops, tablets, thermostats, door locks, and much more.

CAT6 can handle a 10 Gig network, which means having a home network that can keep up and deliver your full broadband capacity. CAT6 Cable is only a few more dollars per run, so don’t cheap out.

Mistake Number #2: Do not use Copper Clad Aluminum cables(CCA Cable), this is garbage.

Copper Clad Aluminum cable is the conductors in CCA wire that are constructed using aluminum and then coated in copper. Using conductors with all copper is what you want. Aluminum can heat up and cause issues when using POE (power over ethernet). Avoid this cable at call cost.