Server Maintenance & Checkups

Get a free server and maintenance check up, only on the month of October!

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Instant notifications

Servers shutdown overnight, be alerted immediately with our server and workstation monitoring services you'll be in the loop 24/7. Or better yet, let us worry about, we can also receive and remediate these alerts for you. Give us a chat to discuss options.

Security Camera Systems

Need servaillance cameras for your home or business? Maxxtech Services high tech security camera systems that cover a wide range of applications. From central monitoring setups, to long range camera installations .

Server Maintenance

We provide monthly service maintenance for your network and server infrastructure, Maxxtech Services provides monthly checkup reports on your server and network health. We can also managed and check your server or workstation backups.

Network Assessment

File transfers are getting slower by the day? We can tell you why and how to fix it. From small network management to system wide troubleshooting,Get your company running fast and smooth with out all those bugs on your network. From VPN to firewall configurations

Low Votage Installation Service

Maxxtech Services offers voice and data line installation service. We can provide competitive bids for all sized jobs. From one data run to hundreds,we can help at unbeatable prices.

IT Support Service

Need day to day assisstance with general IT fixes, in otherwords, need a helpdesk department for your small business? We are tailored for small business offices that don't have the need for a full time IT department, but would like the help when needed.

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